Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Hey hey! I'm back from the no-internet college. Just finished my mid-sem exams. It was quite OK. Not as bad as the 1st mid-sem I had last year. And my Physics lecturer even managed to finish marking my paper before the last day of exams. Phew~ So, here's the updates about what had happened lately:

1. Bought a new phone! I went to meet Daddy and ErJie Friday, the weekend before my exams. Went shopping with them and Daddy bought a Nokia E71 for me! Super excited about it coz' I didn't expect to get it so soon. I thought we were just looking around but, Daddy was very sporting and decided to get it for me. Wee~

Daddy bought me the grey steel one :)

2. I joined the KTT's Chinese New Year celebration as one of the team members for the choir. That means... I will be singing Chinese songs! Haha... I guess I'll be one of the very few Chinese who needs to refer to the pinyin lyrics. ;) So, I guess I gotta practise hard during this break.

3. I had exams for 4 days last week. The exams are quite OK. I think Maths has the hardest questions. Mechanics is very interesting but, tricky! Pure Maths 1 is as usual but, I think I seriously need to do loads of exercises! However, I didn't feel that stressed like last year and I even had one full day off on the Friday before exams to spend time with Daddy and ErJie. Haha~

An example of Maths exercise that I usually do.. Btw, I got this picture from here. Remember?

4. The AS and A2 results are out! There are quite a lot of my friends who got good results. So, I would like to congratulate all my seniors and friends on getting good results! Really happy for them. God is really wonderful! Continue to work hard and have faith in Him.

So, that's basically what happened during these few weeks! I can't wait for CNY and really excited to meet everyone!
Happy Chinese 牛 Year 2009!


OrAnge-wAsAbI said...

Hey, i like de phone!!!
Gosh, u really made me feel bad for not owning 1...
Must enjoy to the fullest oh!

lynn-w said...

yay! congratulations on finishing midterm papers!!! great job!!

wow..ur hp looks like erjie's phone! not bad..aha...praise God for it!!!

happy CNY...wish i'm home!!


Sherp said...

Yay, back to Miri and lots of cny celebrations! hope to see more photos soon!
and pure maths is not as bad as mechanics! i sturggled with mechanics until the last 2-3 months before exams!
and the phone looks so coooool! let me have a play with it next time yah! hahaha