Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back in College!

So, here I am, back in college after a week of holidays. Honestly, 1 week is not enough! :( Well, I guess there's nothing we can do about that.

Well, I'd got my results for my 1st mid sem exams. I got A for my Biology! I was quite relieved and happy when I knew about it because Biology wasn't my favourite subject but, now, it's turning to be. But, as for Physics and Maths, I got C and D. I was so sad, angry and disappointed. But, I soon realised I should learn from my mistakes. It's always better now than later.

From now onwards, I will do my best to understand each subjects well. I know it's impossible to completely understand everything but, I will seek God for His help. Please do pray for me.

Btw, Merdeka celebration is around the corner! Why do I even sound so excited? It's because I'm meeting my friends on that day! Miss them so much. Haven't been hanging out with them since I left Miri.

So, I guess it's goodbye for now! Stay tune!


Sherp said...

yay, so it means u wil have another holiday?

Chelle~ said...

Aww don't be too upset about your results Thia. First term exams are usually like that :) Yay I can hardly wait to meet you!

LingDi said...

hey! not really holiday larr.. just a long weekend. ;)

;) Tnx! Had a great time meeting you guys on Sun! Tnx for the the sushi ;)