Thursday, August 07, 2008


OK. I feel quite weird blogging here from one of classrooms in KTT now. I'm supposed to have my group discussion about our Malaysian Studies presentation but ended up I'm the only one here now. Haiks...

There's lots of things to blog about here! But, I'm always busy with my studies here so, I've got to wait for my mid-sem break which will start next week! However, I still got to study for my mid-sem exam. Please pray for me.

Btw, I went to Passion Conference last week and it was really good! This is the first time I really enjoy this kind of event. The sermon was absolutely wonderful and the praise & worship was superb! And most importantly, I really felt I have gone another step closer to God. Praise the Lord.

I'll blog more about these again next week. So, stay tune!

P/s: I think I better go look for my group members soon!
P/p/s: Please pray for my wisdom, concentration and faith to face my mid-sem exams next week.


ღAmandaa said...

jia you :D

Barney said...

Die already ka? Haha ok lar welcome to uni life. Like tat lor very busy everyday. You still ok gua? Everytime u use god as your source of energy. Good lar. Hope to hear from u soon. Got gtalk? Add me at lar =) Have a nice day

LingDi said...

Tnx! You too k?

Haha.. I guess college/uni life is really interesting. Being busy is not that bad too. ;) I'm still OK here. Tnx! God bless~