Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hammer is here again!

Hey, Miss Lynthia is so, so busy that she cannot come on here and she has specially requested me, Hammer the Spammer to come here and create some buzz so that her readers won't abandon this pink blog of hers.

La, la, la di da.. hey I should try revamping the entire layout instead. But Miss Lynthia might kill me before I could even usher in the year of the Ox this coming CNY, so better not risk my life for some teeny weeny bit of pink blog.

Gosh. Pink. Okay, that font was red, but since the blog is already pink, I couldn't possibly give put the font in pink, you know what I mean? That would be totally redundant. If you are smart enough to understand me.

Anyway, let me think of things to spice this pink blog up. Ah, I really should stop mentioning 'pink'. Right. 

Alright, so Miss Lynthia wants to tell you all readers that she loves you guys so much but I believe she hasn't renewed her internet subscription, so technically, she cannot go online to blog. Please forgive her. She needs to study for her exams because her *cough* lecturers aren't really competent to relay some important educational information to their students. *Cough* Self-studying for A Level exams is seriously no joke. I've been there, done that. Oops. I shouldn't have revealed so much about me the Hammer. You would have guessed who is Hammer the Spammer after all.

Let me distract you with a photo of Miss Lynthia in the small pineapple town called Sarikei..

Well, technically, it should have been Jakar which is at the periphery of Sarikei. So Miss Lynthia was playing with two toddlers. No, those are not her cousins. They are her cousin's daughters!!

Ok, Hammer the Spammer is going to play some guitar. Dum.. di dum.. dum.. strum strum strum. 


Sherp said...

HAAAMMERRR i think i knw who u are *shh*
missing miss lynthia!

jazz said...

Haha.. spammer helping lynthia to update her blog instead.

lynnx01 said...

I wonder who is Hammer...

Pyroboy1911 said...

Hammer should learn a guitar technique called hammering ;)