Saturday, January 03, 2009

Celebrating New Year with fever, headache and diarrhea!

As the title says... I'm sick! =( But, don't worry guys, I'm feeling better now. Will try to blog about my Sarikei trip and New Year celebration if got time.

Btw, how did I get sick?

I stayed up till 12 midnight to watch the Taipei 101's fireworks and danced a little with my cousin. Then, went to sleep before 1am. I woke up at around 8am and followed my cousins to KB, Brunei. While shopping, I started to feel a little cold and feverish. Headache started to invade my brain and I had to bear with it the whole day. Not forgetting Excapade, one of my favourite Jap restaurants, I love the food but, my fever worsened and I couldn't stop shivering. Thank God for the green tea that kept me a little warm. After spending almost the whole day there, I came back and sticked cool fever pad onto my head and went to bed early. The next day, I found myself having bad stomachaches and had to go to the toilet often! Argh.. Diarrhea! So, today, my dad brought my to MCMC and had the young, not-that-friendly doctor to prescribe me some medicine.

So, that's basically how I got sick and now, in the state of recovering. Please pray for my health as I'm going to sit for my mid-sem exams soon. Speaking of exams, I didn't manage to revise well while I'm back in Miri! =( This means that I will have to double-work when I get back to college. I have faith in Him!


lynn-w said...

definately the sushi tat got u the diarrhea!
hope u feel better....

did shoo and hei got scared of the fireworks??


Sherp said...

aaaah! :( hope u are feeling much much better already!
u must have suffered a lot!

Pyroboy1911 said...

get well soon! but u should be good by now aye?

LingDi said...

Tnx! Better dy :)
Shoo and Hei kept knocking on the door non stop. But, after a while, they stopped.

Haha! I'm fine now! Hehe.. Back in college studying organic chem:(

Tnx:) Yeah.. Fine now. :)