Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New glasses for me?

My pair of eyes have degrees since I was 13. Although they were just 75 degrees each, I insisted on a pair of glasses for myself. After getting a simple pair of glasses for myself, I had a hard time wearing them! It was so uncomfortable to wear and the worst thing was... Almost everybody thought that I look like a teacher! Hmph! So, when I was in my 4th Form, I tried contacts but, stopped. After graduating from high school, my eyesight worsened. =( My astigmatism got worst so, I had to resort to wearing glasses again. I've gotten myself a new pair of glasses with bling-blings but, many teased me that I look like Lydia Sum! =(

So, if I get the chance to buy a new glasses again, I promised myself that I will find a nice and affordable pair of glasses which will not make me look like a teacher or even Lydia Sum. While browsing the net, I found myself falling in love with the Holiday frames. The frames are so cute and fashionable. Good enough to make me look like a college student. Besides, the frames they have are indeed suitable for different kinds of occasions. For example, when I feel like going vintage, I will go for this cute, round frame:

When I feel summer, I'll choose this:

If I want to go for a sporty look, I'll go for this instead:

Ahh! Too many frames for me to choose... Why don't you guys go and have a look and let me know which kind of frame would suit me?


Sherp said...

i think the second one is really cool. bt the third one is not really suitable. in my opinion la

LingDi said...

Haha! How abt the first one? I think it's really cute. Don't you think so??