Saturday, December 13, 2008

Basic Skills

Enough of Hammer the spammer! Worried not my precious readers, for your precious blogger, Lingdi, is back!

Btw, speaking of basic skills, do you have basic skills? Haha! What I'm saying is the basic skills of changing a flat tyre. Well, not everybody does but, believe or not, I do know how to change a flat tyre!

Last few days, I went out to have brunch with Louis, Zhi Chiat, Qi Ying and Mandy. When we were leaving, we realised that Qi Ying had a flat tyre! While they were starting to panic, I remained calm and confidently confessed to them that I know how to save the day! Unfortunately, they didn't believe me. So, I got the boys to do the work. Well, my skills weren't that complete afterall after realising that we shouldn't lift the car up before unscrewing the screws! But, slowly, we gained the momentum and get the tyre changed. Such an interesting experience. We didn't even get anyone to help out too. I'm so proud of my lil' brothers!

Zhi Chiat unscrewing the screws :)

In the end, Kok How, who were supposed to come to help, didn't come because we finished earlier than we expected. After changing the tyre, Qi Ying drove to the petrol kiosk to pump some air into the tyres.

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Sherp said...

Hahah, that skill is really useful for amazing race!

if we get a flat tyre, we are counting on YOU!