Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hammer writes some more

I think I probably would have shoo-ed away many of Lind Di's small circle but precious readers. Hammer is here again to write more posts for the girl who is so lazy to update her blog.
Well, today's topic has to be about the Christmas season. Christmas is around the corner again. But how many of us really understands the meaning of Christmas? Most people think it is about Santa Claus, the Satarinas, Rudolph the rednose reindeers and what-nots. 

But no, people. NO! Christmas is not even about shopping for presents for you family and friends. It is also not about snowmans. Well, definitely not about turkeys and fine wines. 

It is about the birth of someone who is so significant.

Go guess.

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jazz said...

Hahaha.. spammed by Hammer.