Thursday, December 04, 2008

Showdown of Champions KL

2 weeks ago, 2 of my sisters and I went to watch Federer at the Showdown of Champions! It was an awesome experience. I couldn't believe that one day I will have to chance to watch Federer play live.

The night before the showdown, we heard that Federer was going to have an autogprah session with fans. So, we decided to go for that too! We prepared the things to bring: cards, tennis ball, cap etc.
On the big day itself, we woke up early in the morning and took a cab down to KLCC. After we arrived, we quickly went to find the venue and queue up. After almost 2 hours of waiting, we finally meet Federer! It didn't take a very long time for us to get his autograph. It was super-exciting!

Lynna and I waiting for Fed!


He signed my Wimbledon tennis ball, Swiss flag!!! Got a small poster too:)

After the session, we went to have lunch and went back to ErJie's apartment. After taking a short nap, we got ready again and walked to Putra Stadium. We arrived there quite early too so, we had to wait again. After almost 1 hour+ of waiting, they finally opened the gates and we quickly rushed in to find our seats. Our seats were quite front so, it's just nice for us to sit there. Btw, the players were warming up already when we came in.

McEnroe and Borg getting ready to warm up

Federer warming up too!

Me and Blake! You can also notice that the focus is on him, not me :)

The show started at around 7pm++. There were 3 matches: 2 singles and 1 doubles. John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg played first followed by Federer and James Blake. After the singles, the USA team (Blake and McEnroe) played agaisnt the European team (Federer and Borg). It was wonderful and awesome to watch them play live. Incredible experience!

Love this pic! (Suraya loves looking at his butt..)

One of my favorite pictures! It's a lil' blur but I still like it..

One of the very dramatic moments.. Haha!

4 of them after the doubles

Really thank God for this wonderful epxerience. Btw, did I mention I was on national TV as well? Haha! My parents, cousins and friends saw us on TV. *Embarrassed* And now almost everyone knows I did not open my mouth to sing 'Negaraku'. Bluek :)


Sherp said...

hehehe yea u guys must have been soo excited, and saw u taking pics on tv (thru lynnxjie's blog)
dream come true eh!

Shawn Paul said...

I IS WANT ALSO! WAWAWA! Feddddddddd aaaaaaaaa.

LingDi said...

Haha! Yeah.. So excited abt it!

Shawn Paul,
Haha.. I thought you only like Ivanovic? Btw, Fed is really cool..