Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Affordable yet quality eyeglasses

A creature stalked into Lynthia and started pouring out her inner depths of thoughts.

Not many people know that I actually have short-sightedness. I have been prescribed eyeglasses quite some time ago, but because I usually do not like myself in glasses, I end up not using them. I squint and trouble my eyes. It is only recently that I realised, "enough is enough!" I need to wear them and wear them well.

Well, you can assume that I never really had very good experiences when it comes to purchasing eyeglasses. I really love those funky, trendy ones but then they can be so expensive that they burn my small little pocket. A college student like me surviving on very minimal allowances yet I still want to go about with various trendy eyewears, am I asking for too much?

You can say some blessings come in different packages. I found out that indeed, I can own pairs of trendy and fashionable eyeglasses from This online optical shop definitely revolutionise the entire eyeglasses industry. It has great offers on quality and fashionable eyeglasses that cater for a wide range of tastes and fashion sense. Tell me, a pair of quality eyeglasses for USD$15, where else can you find such amazing deals?

Gone are the days when I would be purchasing prescription eyeglasses once in every 3 years. With the same amount, I probably can buy 10 pairs on shot. Just imagine turning up with different frames each day. I definitely sizzle up my life, not to mention, creating a fashion statement with every brand new day. is worth looking into. They do not impose hidden charges - shipping is free worldwide if you buy two or more pairs. Hey, sounds just so cool. I think I am up to protecting my eyes once more. This time, I shall make sure I get those frames which would actually fit the shape of my head.

'Til then, be funky, people!

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