Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hammer's recommendation

Hi, it's Hammer the Spammer again, speaking from a 7-storey tall highland.

Today's topic is about the social network portals in this world wide web, the place we call the internet. Yes, Friendster has come and, sadly, abandoned. Now, everyone is into Facebook. Not to mention, MySpace, Multiply and other various social networks. While those social networks are mostly based on friendships, family ties and relationships, this acobay network portal is something revolutionary. Yes, it is about connecting different people from all around the world. But how can you 'connect' and just click just so randomly with strangers? The secret is, you can do so by searching for people who own the same or similar items with you, or those who have travelled to the same place as you.


It is easy to register an account on Acobay. You do not even need an email to start with. After filling simple forms, you get to add items or places you have been to. You can join in discussions. Look Lynthia's item - she has added this Animal Crossing game I own. If another user happen to own this Animal Crossing game as well, we get to talk about the strategies and various tips to go about this game. Is this not a great idea to expand your horizon?

Speaking of Animal Crossing, Tom Nook must be real mad at Lynthia for not paying the loan on the home renovations.........


LingDi said...

Btw! I paid my loans dy!!! But, I expanded my house lately again and have to pay abt 280000$!! Wanna faint man.. So expensive.

nanotayy said...

I'm a bit curious and interested in this acobay. haha

lynnx01 said...

Tom Nook is such so..... sly!