Thursday, December 04, 2008


I really envy my best friend, Chelle, who recently told me that she's going to Macau with her family for holidays! :( I want to go too...

Btw, that's not really my point. Speaking of Macau, the place itself really reminds me of casinos! I heard there are loads of casinos there. It's like an Asian version of Las Vegas. It's the place where people love to go because of the casinos. But, worried not my casino-lovers as you can always drop by this really cool online casino.

Speaking of casinos, one of the most interesting games, for me, would be: blackjack. Not that I know a lot about it but, I do know has multi-hand blackjack, where players can play up to 4 hands in a single round. As many blackjack players know, multi-hand blackjack is a faster, more exciting and more challenging way to play this popular game. It's really a cool game but, I haven't really learned how to play it yet. I'm a very slow and blurr learner ok? Haha!

The best thing about it is that there are tips and strategies for those who want to learn. Find them all in the online magazine by

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