Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hi, it's Hammer the Spammer again.

After talking about prevalence of obesity and the importance of health in adolescents, I would like to focus on varsity life in this post. Most of the readers here I believe are pre-university or some are even already studying in colleges and universities now. Let's not dwell on studies proper.

I want to bring across the topic of accommodation. I believe that a good accommodation is one of the factors that contribute to a student's well being. Stay in a dirty place and you end up agitated or easily depressed. It is therefore very important to do a well search and probe into the market to get a good private accommodation deal. There are various landlords and agents you can look into before deciding which house or flat to take on. Of course, house mates play a huge role. Get the wrong ones and you become the free labour for housework. Get dishonest house mates and soon you would go bankrupt because one may be finishing your sausages supply in the fridge, another may just keep the change he finds on the living room table in his pocket and that sort of horrid tales.

Well, I know quite a few friends who are studying in University of Leeds. I deem the place pretty good. If you are in Leeds and are looking for student flats in leeds, perhaps you can find Pickard Properties, the one being voted as No. 1 in Leeds.

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