Friday, November 28, 2008

Hello Holidays!

Finals are just over! After weeks of studying, I finally get to relax and enjoy. Before the exams, we had a CF farewell party for the seniors. Really great to know them and I really wish the best for them.

Me studying late at night

One BIG family of CF!

I had my last papers on Thursday and right after that, my friends and I went out to Seremban. We went to watch Twilight which was super exciting and had a great dinner. It was really fun to hang out with my college friends. We were so busy shopping that we had to go back late at around 8.30pm! But, thank God we found some taxis that were willing to send us to the train station. After we got back, we had a slumber party and stayed up till 3am.

On the way to train station!

Yasmin, the Birthday Girl!

Ah Xia, Ziqah, Me and Suraya!

Us having breakfast at cafe on the next morning

Yesterday, Michelle and I were on the same flight! I haven't met her since a 1 month + ago. Really miss that girl. There was so much to catch up with that we kept talking the whole way. Not forgetting, she's a big fan of Harvest Moon. She was playing it on the laptop the whole flight! As for me, I just watched a few videos just to keep myself entertained. Btw, I'm currently playing Animal Crossing now. Love that game! ;)

We even bought each other an AirAsia X'mas keychain. The keychain is really nice and we really wanted it but, it's a lil' expensive. So, we decided to buy for each other so, it wouldn't sound as if we bought it for ourselves. Haha!

And now, I'm back home here enjoying myself! It really feels good to be home and I'm gonna enjoy it to the fullest!

P/s: Btw, I've been wondering what is 5.11 Tactical Jacket and now, I finally know what it is! ;)


lynnx01 said...

Hahaha but for each other keychains. LOL!

Sherp said...

hahaha yea i laughed when i read that part.

yay Happy Holidays!!!
I heard u are at suncity now! hehehe
hope ur having a lot of fun xxxxx

LingDi said...

Haha! ;) Yeah.. I was at Suncity. Btw, enjoy ur hols k?