Thursday, November 06, 2008

Miss No Good

I've been watching this really funny drama: Miss No Good by Rainie Yang and Wilber Pan.

When Lynna downloaded the first episode, I was thinking, "What a lame drama!". Then, after recommended by my sister's housemate, Sing Ean, I decided to give it a try. The lame drama actually turned out to be super nice and funny! I enjoyed a lot when I watched it. Rainie Yang did a very good job on her 'weird' role. Besides, it's Wilber Pan's first time acting and I must really admit that he had done a really good job! Although he had loads of NGs, I think he really performed well.

So, what are you all waiting for? Huhu!


Lynnwei said...

wah....i dont really like taiwanese dramas but there are good ones, not alot..

but this year's tvb drama is really good!! compared to last year..i've watched a few, super good..currently watching The Four with Lam Fung, Ron Ng..and another 2..aha..also in Triumph in the Sky series. Reli nice! hoho...

jazz said...

If u burn the series for me, i wud watch it. =)

LingDi said...

Haha! Yeah.. Some taiwanese dramas aren't that nice but there are some which are really good.
Yeah:) TVB dramas are getting better this year. But, I seldom watch TVB now. But, I still read about them. ;)

Sure:) Haha!

Sherp said...

aaaah jas, no need to burn it frm lingdi, i have it here too. :D its sooo nice eh, lyn? HUHU!