Saturday, November 01, 2008

More Photos Snapped

ErJie and I went jogging yesterday. So, I decided to bring along the dSLR to practise how to snap good photos. It wasn't an easy task at all. I had try to maintain the focus on the objects I want to snap and make sure it won't go out of focus. Talking about focusing, I'm still using the autofocus. I need someone to teach me about all these things: aperture, flash, frequency, focus and so many more. Btw, these are some of the photos I took yesterday.

A weird person jogging... Haha!

I took this after ErJie's friend helped me to set the aperture :)

Love this photo!

Cool eh?


Something really embarassing happened while I was having fun snapping photos. ErJie saw a monkey eating a flower nearby. So, I quickly took out the dSLR and went near it and started snapping some photos. It took a few glances at me at first. Then, suddenly, the flash pop-ed out and shocked the monkey. It stared at me and showed me its teeth which really freaked me out. I was so freaked out that I actually shrieked so loud! Gosh... I was really traumatised.

Weird monkey!

Lesson to learn: Check the camera settings first and do not use flash when taking photos of animals!

Last but not least...

My favourite photo of the day!


raindrenchedflowers said...

i wan a SLR!!!! haha..n btw i din notice e kitchen tap was changed until u mentioned it in ur blog..haha..blur rite?
n come back soon!! Lol..

jazz said...

Hahaha.. u actually shriek after snapping photos.. hahaha

LingDi said...

Haha! Better get one before going India. But, it's really difficult to use sometimes. Yeah.. Gonna come back real soon.

Haha... Yeah. I was so traumatised by that monkey. It was staring at me with those fierce eyes tambah pulak the teeth. Scary... ;)

Sherp said...

hahaha oh yea i thought i commented here, but the monkey is adorable! ;p i guess cannot judge by its looks eh!

Johnny said...

Use Al Servo for auto focus with running objects.
and i like ur fountain pics too. You can try to use Tv 1/15s to see the blurring effects.