Thursday, September 24, 2009

My besties!

There are 2 pendants hanging on the necklace around my neck. Each was from my 2 best-est friends. The cross from Michelle and the heart from Joaquina. These 2 girls had been with me since Form 1 and we had great times since then. They really taught me a lot and I thank God for blessing me these 2 great sisters!


3 of us in 2004 (I think…), at Cineplex watching the movie: I do, I do.

On Friday, I met my bestie, Michelle at Tasty Point for our last laksa lunch before she leaves for UK. Yummy! I might consider bringing my college friends there for laksa. After lunch, we went to Imperial Mall and walked for a while. We bought silver rings too which I kind of like wearing now. When I was just about to leave, my another bestie, Joa, called and asked me out to eat crabs with her for dinner. Knowing her love for crabs, I agreed.

At night, we went to Seng Kee Restaurant (near Mega Hotel) for the crabs. I don’t eat crabs coz’ I’m allergic to seafood. So, we ordered other dishes like bilin (My favourite vege!) and the restaurant’s famous tofu. I almost forgot Joa doesn’t eat vegetables and I was so surprised when she ate the bilin! I’m so proud of her coz’ she is starting to eat the food she once had to force down her throat.

Joa munching on the 1kg of yummy butter crabs!

Me love bilin!

After about an hour there, we left and went to buy Secret’s Recipe cake for Michelle. We got her the yummylicious Chocolate Indulgence. Then, we went to her place to surprise her! It didn’t take a long time for her to guess where we were as Joa’s car was right in front of her house. so, we went in for a while to chit-chat before leaving.

3 of us again at Michelle’s house…

Michelle is now in Birmingham. I’m really proud of her and hope she likes the place. I’m going to miss her loads. I don’t know when will I get to meet her since I’ll be leaving for India next year. But, no matter what, you’ll always be my best-est friend forever! May God bless you in everything you do.    

A picture of Michelle when watching movie at Ning Jie’s house years back… Lol!


LX said...

Michelle's house is very nice.. very cosy.

Sherp said...

lynthia. ur smile is really sweet :D haha in the pic of the billin.

i love billin too !!! i wan some now.

LingDi said...

Yeah.. Her place is really nice. Not like a normal Malaysian home. More to like western home. She got loads of ducks at home too! Haha..

Tnx! Hehe.. the bilin was nice!! Yummy.. Quickly come back and eat larr.. Haha.. ;)

Chelley~ said...

LYNTHIA WONGG!! I misshhh youuuuu!!!!

LingDi said...

I misshhhhh you too!!!