Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go Malacca Day 2 – Night Out

Oh me goodness… I almost forgot I haven’t update my posts on my trip to Malacca! Ok… There are some more posts to go and this is the continuous from Day 2.


Me, Sarah and Daniel dancing Jaiho while waiting for Jun Mei..

At night, Jun Mei brought us to Jonker Walk again! This time, we went to try the best Nyonya la            ksa in town. Jonker at night is really different coz’ they have all the small stalls set up and there are loads of people there too. We had fun walking and looking at the things they sell while on the way to Nyonya laksa.

And behold… The yummylicious Nyonya laksa!!!


Yum!!! Love the laksa so much!

We all love the Nyonya laksa. My first time eating it and I love it! It’s very different from our Sarawak laksa so, I couldn’t say which is better. I was told that there is no curry powder at all in the Nyonya laksa soup. Wonder how they made this awesome food…


Beautiful laksa and ice-kacang!

We also had ice-kacang! I think the best part about it was having durian in it. Love the durian flavour. Yummm… But, my favourite part of ice-kacang is the green jelly! Hehe…


The making of ice-kacang


Yum.. We ordered a few flavours like durian, chendol, ABC and some more interesting ones…

After dinner, we went walking again. Walk, walk and walk. I bought a silver chain for myself since mine broke about 2 months ago. I bought it for just RM15 after discount. Hehe… Besides, we also enjoyed the toys they had at the small stalls. The other 4 got electric shocked after playing with the made-in-China toys. I didn’t coz I ‘kena’ before by Janice so, I learned my lesson. Lol~


Walking Jonker Walk

After walking for a while, we decided to rush to the boat ride. We had to walk all the way back to the car. So tiring! We were really hoping to for the boat ride but, unfortunately, it was closed already. So, sadly, we went to eat supper.

Supper was really good! We had burger ‘maut’. It was really good. Although it was just an ordinary Ramly burger, they really made it so delicious that I thought the chicken burger was really chicken! Yummm…


Yummylicious burger ‘maut’!

And that’s all for Day 2. There’s one more post for Day 3 so, stay tune!


Sherp said...

THE FOOOOOOOD is making my salivary glands provide immense salivary fluids. HAHAHA
:) so nice ~

LingDi said...

Haha:) Yummy yummy!