Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello Kitty Spotted!

Not all of my friends know that I like Hello Kitty. It’s weird, I know. But, the truth is, I really like Hello Kitty and I think it’s really cute!


I don’t own a lot of Hello Kitty stuffs except some keychains and an abandoned blog. It’s really difficult to keep it alive since it’s already not an easy thing to update this blog regularly.

Btw, I’d already mentioned how I fell in love with Hello Kitty here. But, I don’t mind sharing it here again. It all started when I got the golden opportunity to go to Japan for the Lions Club Youth Exchange for a month. Before, I used to hate it. I thought it’s a very cheap icon and wondered who on earth will like such a thing. But I was wrong. At the moment I stepped into the Hello Kitty shop in Fukuoka, I was stunned. My host sister whispered to tell me that this is one of the most expensive shops there and I had to agree. For the first time of my life, I started to think that Hello Kitty is actually cute and pretty!

I know I sound so weird but, that’s the truth. I like Hello Kitty! Lol~

Btw, I spotted Hello Kitty while I was in Ning Jie’s car waiting. It was on the car in front. Guess where?!

26092009777 copy

It’s on the car’s tyre flaps! So cute. Didn’t know there would be such a person who would do so to his/her car.

I may be a Hello Kitty person but, I’m not obsessed with it. I’m more practical which means, not everything that I have must be Hello Kitty-fied. Take my new pair of crocs for example, I’d rather get a simple beach crocs than the new Hello Kitty version because I think it’s more practical to match them with my clothes.

But, somehow, I just want my friends to know, Hello Kitty is really cute!  

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lynn-w said...

kesian ur hello kitty, kena mud if rainy day! hoho!! =p