Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday Celebration

My housemates and friends planned a surprise for me a week after my exams. It was quite unexpected because I thought the cake surprise was already the surprise they planned. But, that’s not the end…

Before I start, I just want to let you all know that I got a band 8 for my IELTS exams! I’m so happy because I really wanted an 8 and I thought I did badly at the writing part. But, God is so good! He bless me a band 8 and I’m really happy about it. ;)

Ok, let’s get back to the birthday surprise. Honestly, I am traumatised. I don’t want any birthday surprises anymore, please! But, I’m really touched that my housemates and friends spent the time planning everything. I feel so guilty honestly…


Some of my friends who planned the birthday surprise!

They brought me to Alamanda blindfolded. I knew we were going there and I had even planned to shop for certain things there. But, somehow, my housemates got my blindfolded and made me walked from my apartment all the way out to the bus stop outside college. Then, I got into the van.


Outside 2-3-A2

On the way to Alamanda, my friends revealed their plan to me. And pity me, I panicked. And what’s their plan? To bring me to a blind date. I’m so, so –_-||. It wasn’t fun guessing who.


It was just my friend from college who goes to the same church. I feel sorry for him coz’ my crazy friends made him wear a singlet and boxers. And the funny thing is, he really reminded me of Kim Teck who wore the same thing during Mufti Day 2007.


Mufti Day 2007… Some kind of de javu I guess? Lol!

So, after that, we went separate ways. I went to do hair treatment since my hair is in quite a disastrous condition. Not very disastrous but, I could feel my hair was in a bad condition. Thanks to Dove, my itchy scalp and dandruff is back. Hmph! But, my hair is so much better and smells cocoa butter. Hehe…


Toilet photo shoot!

We went to watch The Ugly Truth. Well, the movie was OK but, I strongly disagree with what they say about relationships. They are portraying the wrong ways of having relationships so, little girls, don’t learn anything from this movie OK? Read more Joshua Harris’ books if you want to learn more on relationships – though I have yet to read them.


I saw this very cute Hello Kitty in the arcade! Love Kitty-chan ;)

After movie, we went to eat dinner. We had a hard time finding place to eat coz’ the restaurants were all fully booked. So, we split and I went to eat Sushi King. It was quite nice eating there after getting diarrhea twice due to sushi. But, I didn’t get that from Sushi King. Lol~


My favourite sushi! Michelle’s favourite too… ;) (My hair after the treatment)

After dinner, we went walking around for a while before proceeding back to college.

Honestly, I am very traumatised. Don’t know how many times I have to say this but, I’m happy for what my friends had done for me. I’m really touched and thank you so much!!! Muaks to all of you girls!

Btw,I’ll be celebrating next my birthday in India. Don’t know whether I should be happy or sad… Hmm…


Sherp said...

WOW! hahaha what a surprise! that is so funny~ sth i wudnt have thought of before if i were to surprise someone for bday - to bring to blind date!
ahaha and also the two guys do look alike! :O

and me dear u are looking gd as usual~ :D love ur dress too! AND BAG!

LingDi said...

Haha.. Don't do that for ppl's bday. It's traumatising. Haha! :)
Tnx! Both dress and bag is from friends as bday present. Bag was last yr's present and dress this yr. :)