Sunday, September 27, 2009

What I did most of time…

Here’s some photos on what I did most of the time during this break.

Going to the new Bintang Megamall with sisters and cousins is definitely a must everytime I come back. And this time, I bought this fake, nerdy glasses! And it’s only RM2. 

16092009729 copy

So nerd!!!

18092009733 copy

With 7 kuku!

Besides going out with the besties, I also met up with my other schoolmates. We went to watch Final Destination: Rest in Pieces which I thought was illogic and disgusting! I had a great time with them coz’ I haven’t been laughing this much for a very long time! And all those talking nonsense and craps really made me miss the good old times. I miss Ming Chai’s good, and sometimes stewpig, sense of humour.

240920091535 copy

With Jia Ying, Siu Ang, Wei Huei, Sut Yung, Ellis, Ming Chai and Vivian!

I also got the chance to eat Excapade Sushi at Brunei again! This time, no diarrhea. Ning Jie drove us, three sisters, there to have an Excapade lunch. We also went junk food shopping! Some are so much cheaper than Miri.


Yummy California Rolls!


Sashimi Salmon~ My favourite!


Okonomiyaki. Not nice at all coz’ it didn’t taste like the original one I had in Japan. =(

We, cousins, also had lunch together! We had pizzas and it was just a great time chit-chatting. I really miss all those cousins’ outings. Gonna have more of this when I come back end of this year!


Mimi, Lynna, Ah Ning and me! (Ning Jie, Da Jie and Abel were there too)

So, that’s basically what I did during the whole break. I guess I’m guilty enough to say that I did not even study! Muahaha… So, this means that I will have to double the hard work when I get back to college. =( Please continue to remember me in your prayers!


Chelley~ said...

Ellis is still in Miri??!!

LingDi said...

He was. He left Miri on 26th Sept. ;)