Friday, June 12, 2009

Goodbye and Farewell

First of all, I would love to bid farewell to.... AS!!! AS is finally over and now it's holiday time for me! I really love holidays coz' I was quite homesick few weeks ago during exams. Was just hoping to go home and relax and watch TV but now, here I am! Back home, enjoying life to the fullest!

Besides that, I would like to thank all my 1 year buddies from college especially Agnes, Adeline, Li Yan and Evon! They are some of my closest friends in college. I have been staying at the slot where only 3 apartments were of 1& 1/2 years students and the rest are all 1 year students. No doubt most of my weekends this year were spent with them coz my housemates usually go home during that time. Though it was only this year that I started to hang out with them, I really treasure the time I had with them. I used to always cook dinner with Agnes and Adeline, get Li Yan to teach me how to play guitar and ask Evon to teach me how to solve the Rubiks cube. Not forgetting, always studying at the classrooms with them. And now that they are leaving, I really feel so sad. I kept thinking how lonely I would be after they left...

Me & some of my 1 yr friends!

To Agnes, Adeline, Li Yan, Evon and all my 1 yr friends of Tangga 2,
Thank you so much for taking care of me all this while! I really appreciate our friendship and treasure the time we had together. I really love spending time with all of you. You guys are the closest group of friends I have in KTT and no doubt I will be lonely after this. But, don't worry! I will be fine. Thank you so much to Agnes, Adeline and Li Yan for taking care of me when I sprained my ankle and couldn't really walk. Thank you to Agnes for accompanying me all the time when I'm bored and lonely. Thank you to Adeline for encouraging me when I feel down. You are like an angel sent by God because everytime I wanted to avoid prayer meetings, you will always be there to encourage me to go and I did not regret going after that! Thank you to Li Yan for being a great friend and sister in Christ! Though you are always there annoying me, you are still a great friend. And to the rest, thank you so much for everything you have done for me! All the best in the next chapter of your life and May God bless you all!

I'm so gonna miss Agnes!

Oanna, Agnes and me...

My boss, 师母 Adeline!

Sistah Li Yan!!!

Also 师母 Evon!

P/s: Don't forget to sponsor me to Czech (I got the spelling right this time yah?) and Poland! Haha.. Or maybe just bring me around the place if I visit you guys there.. It's just IF I suddenly turn rich and decided to go! Haha.. Jk!

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