Friday, June 05, 2009

Day Off to Alamanda

Again, I wanted to publish this post last Friday but, due to bad internet connection, I failed. So, here it is!

After my practical exams last week, my friends and I went to Alamanda, Putrajaya for movie and shopping. It was really a tiring day coz' I slept late the night before and went out to send my housemate to the train station straight after I woke up. Then, we went to eat at INTI, one of my favourite place to eat! We had bak kut teh which was so yummy!


Alamanda, Putrajaya!

After breakfast, we drove to Alamanda. The place is quite nice. Maybe a lil' bigger than Bintang Megamall. There's loads of places to eat. Too bad I didn't explore the food place coz' was rushing for the movie. We got children tickets for Night At The Museum 2. Super funny and cute movie though it's a little weird. My favourite character, the villain, Kahmunrah. Haha!


After movie, Sue Ting, Queenie and I went shopping. Bought a few things. We even went to try some really cute dresses! I found one dress which I really liked. It's a nurse-like dress. Quite Blair-like too.. But, didn't buy it coz' couldn't find myself a reason to get it. Btw, it's just RM89.90!

Me like this dress!

Charlie Angels wannabes ;)

Right after Alamanda, I rushed back to shower and pack to go church for P&W practice. Was so tired and exhausted but couldn't sleep early coz' had to practise. But, I had loads of fun during that weekend. And as this week is ending, I realised time flies! In just a few days time, I will be finishing my AS Level papers! Can't wait for that. And also, I'll be a senior soon in few weeks time when new juniors come.

Studying at the students' lounge... Bored!

Thursday, Thursday... Come fast! ;)

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