Saturday, November 21, 2009


It was supposed to be free and fun after exams. But, I felt like I had an attack. Not a normal one but, a spiritual attack.

I don’t really know how one defines spiritual attack but, I suppose it must be something that happened to us and affects our faith. This could be a small matter to most people but for me, no. It definitely affected me severely that I couldn’t help thinking about it all the time. It really kept me away from focusing on God during CF.

After I finished talking on the phone, I was a total different person that even my friend could spot the difference in me. I kept denying but, I was clouds weren’t enough for me to cover my feelings.

I don’t feel good being misunderstood-ed. But, thank God for ErJie. I found her online and talked to her about it. And now, I felt better. Much better. Much, much better.

God, please grant me the peace in my heart that I would not need to worry about this thing. Amen.

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Sherp said...

sorry that u had to go thru that.. bt pulled thru right? just gota pray all the time.
next time we'll all learn to be more clear. sorry i was confused too.
glad u feel better now.