Saturday, November 21, 2009

Headbands I love!

I love wearing headbands lately. It’s like my favourite thing to wear on my head now.


I curled my hair for fun and I think curly hair looks good with headbands!

I started off wearing just a thin, plain black one. I was just to hold my fringe back. Boring but, it’s very useful when I have a bad-fringe-day. Then, I started to wear something cute like, the Hello Kitty pearl headband. Me love Hello Kitty! But, it’s not very practical coz’ it’s a little hard for me to mix & match it with my outfit.


A thin, red headband with fake red diamonds that I just bought to go with my prom dress.

I also found a ‘Blair-like’ headband. It has a neat ribbon bow at the side of the headband. Sue Ting also sold me her never-used-before big, white ribbon headband which I had used twice to my exams.


This is one powerful headband. Why? It could distract people (inside joke)!!! Muahaha…

Lately, I bought this really really cute headbands. Well, it’s the stretchable kind which you can slip it through your head and let it grip your head. It’s light and easy to use! Muahaha…


  I love this~ I got it from Diva and it came with 4 different colours…

I wonder when will my headbands fever will end. But, I hope it will last long otherwise, people will call me ‘hangat-hangat tahi ayam’.

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