Monday, November 30, 2009

Kay-Tee-Tee I

I had learned a lot of things when I was in college. The fact that I had to be away from home had really changed my life. I had grown to be more independent, made loads of good friends and realised how important family is to me.

But, there is still one thing that had really changed me. That one particular thing is God. When I was at this small, depressing place, I experienced God. 1

It’s funny coz’ when I knew I was going to this college, I questioned God why?

Why must it be here?

Now, I know why.

Before going to this college, I was quite an anti-social when it comes to church. I didn’t have a lot of friends there. In fact, I was bullied when I was in Sunday School and because of this, I refused to mix with the youths because I thought they didn’t like to hang out with me. It was a big discouragement to me. I guess I was quite paranoid too.

So, I never really had the experience of serving God in church and mixing with the youths. God knew how much I wanted this so much that He sent me to this college.


God is awesome. I kind of had a mild depression for the first 3 days there. I was completely a different person. But, when I attended the college’s CF for the first time, I felt so good. So good that I feel this is home to me. I think that’s when I got my smile back.


Besides, I was elected to be one of the committee members for CF. Although it wasn’t very difficult, I took it as God’s blessing. I enjoyed every single time I had in CF with my friends. And that was also the time I started to learn guitar and play for CF.


Nilai Chinese Methodist Church was the church I had been attending when I was there. It’s a small church but, the pastors, members and youths there are amazing people. I also got the chance to serve in the Tertiary Youth Fellowship as one of the committee members.

I really liked it there as it’s my very first time getting along well with the youths. Although we’re from different colleges, they are so friendly and nice.

If it wasn’t because of Agnes, I would not have the chance to play guitar for church too. Awesome experience.

Just like what many of us agree on, it’s always the people of Kay-Tee-Tee that kept us going. For me, it’s not only the people but, Him too.


Joyuai said...

passed by... :P

LX said...

Mummy says you can play guitar very well now.