Thursday, December 03, 2009

Kay-Tee-Tee II

As you can see in my previous post, I’ll be doing a collection of Kay-Tee-Tee posts to conclude the 1.5 years of my life there. Reasons why I’m doing this are to share to people about my life in college and what I love about being in college. It’s definitely a blessing to be there and I hope it’s going to be the same when I go to India.

I guess I’ll continue the collection by writing about my housemates.

First day of the college, I was alone, with my sister. I didn’t really know anyone. So, while I was queuing up in front of the lecture hall’s entrance, an auntie came to me. She asked me where I’m from. I said “Miri” and she continued asking me whether I know Elise (Joa’s friend from NS and also my room mate’s friend).

I was so amazed by the auntie coz’ the girl she talked to was the one she actually know. And that was the first time I met my room mate, Oanna (Just kidding, her name is Joanna larr…).


Suraya labeled us as the 2 weird animals in Madagascar movie!

And there was Suraya, the girl who left a comment on my blog before we met. It’s such a coincidence coz’ we’re all kind of connected in all kind of ways.

Yasmin was the last one to reach the apartment. The first impression I had on her when I saw her was that she’s a very gentle but, spoilt girl. Haha… (I call her spoilt brat sometimes but, I know, it’s not nice to do so) And her first impression on me was I’m nice, quiet girl but, she then realised that it was a total opposite! Muahaha…


Yasmin is going to kill me for posting this pic up! Haha!!!


My best partner in Biology lab =)

So, all 3 of these girls who coincidentally come from KL and by all means, became my housemates. We’re all different people of different races and religions but, we managed to stay together in an apartment in peace and harmony. Guess we should be selected to be the ambassadors of 1Malaysia. Haha!


First time jogging together, 4 of us + Jun Mei + Haziqah

We grew close together and enjoyed each others’ company. We even had rankings for the most evil person in the apartment. And Suraya was No.1 because of her sarcasm, followed up by me because of my slappings and bullyings, Joanna came in third and lastly, Yasmin.


Went for a walk to release exam stress…

Not forgetting, we even made a list of guys for Joanna and stuck it to our wall for months before she tore it off. Haha! And also counseling Suraya about her ‘fly’ before finally seeing her changing her Facebook’s status to ‘Married’.


Can’t believe I’ll post this up right, Oanna? Haha!

Also Yasmin, my ALL/ALU9 housemate. The girl who always had to wake me up for classes. She’s one of my good friends in college whom I really liked talking to and also to bully. It’s so fun to bully her! Muahaha…


Studying together in library…

And if it’s not because of Joanna, I would not know how to play guitar by now. She’s an awesome room mate who’s always there to support me when I’m need them.


These 2 really have something for each other… =)

2-3-A2 is always the best! I’m going to miss you 3 girls a lot. I’m sure you girls will miss all my naggings to ask you all to clean the apartment. Muahahaa…


Ponggal Night =)

Before I end this post, I just want to thank these 3 wonderful girls, Joanna, Suraya and Yasmin. Thank you so much for filling the empty spaces in my heart, thank you for taking care of my when I’m sick especially that time when I twisted my ankle, thank you for tolerating my demands for the cleanliness of our apartment. There are still so many thank you’s I want to say to you girls but, if I am to list them all down here, I’ll take ages! But, most importantly, thank you for being my good friends.


Our very first picture together…

Promise we’ll be together again for KI, OK?


cHiLLiE ~ Li YaN said...

wow... emo but memorable post!
haha... so.. err... no more kau li yan hijacking 2-3-A2? =/

Suraya Sajoli said...

y i noticed,

u've nvr mentioned any of my good sides???!!!!

dat's not fair!! Jo n yas both got good reviews!!

I want it too!! muuaahhahahahaha!

mayb i shud b nicer nxt yr during k.i :P

nway, u r a gud fren n nice to watch movies together ;)).

P.S. R u interested in bcoming my PR nxt yr? :P hahahahaha..*dun worry, its only a joke* :)

i misss you too darling!

LingDi said...

Hey.. Haha.. I didn't notice that. But, no need to mention here right? You know it all. And why should I be your PR? I cannot simply work for ppl. You be my PR better. Haha..