Monday, December 28, 2009

Taking a Break =)

Let’s take a break from all the posts about my vacation alright? Here we go!

I was telling everyone in the car while on our way back to Miri from Sarikei, how much I miss singing karaoke. I’m not a frequent karaoke singer but, the fact that Green Box and Red Box are super good makes me want to sing again.


I know I looked awfully pale here because, I didn’t sleep well the night before… =(

Right after my last paper, I brought Sherp, together with my friends, to Seremban. We went to the Green Box in Jusco and sang 4 hours non-stop. 15

After our karaoke sesson at Green Box.

Next day, Sherp, NingJie and I went to Red Box for 4 hours again!


Singing non-stop.

I’m a no singer but, seriously, I enjoy singing very much! It’s just that I can’t sing on the right key. Still learning.


Unlike Sherp and my friends, they are awesome singers!

Plus, I can’t sing Chinese songs because I can’t read Chinese words. But, I like Chinese songs. So, the solution for me is to just simply mumble the words with the right tune.

Despite all these hurdles, I find singing helps me to relax more.


Look at our smiles! We looked so relaxed…

How I wish there’s a Green Box here in Miri! It’s so much cheaper and the facilities are superb. Good thing about it is that there are no 不三不四 people lingering around the place. All clean and safe.

I think I should just learn how to sing well so I can sing better next time when I go karaoke with friends. By that time, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be needing the cotton buds anymore. Lol!


I’m gonna sing better the next time you see me! Muahahahaa…


Sherp said...

hahahah i can read the chinese words and understand it :p

oi. im not a gd singer la. if ur not a gd singer, why compliment me! :p that means u are a gd singer if im the standard okay singer! :)

lets go k again soooon

LingDi said...

Haha.. You are a good singer and a better one than me for sure! Why? You could sing the song right on tune and beat and you don't even need the audio on! Unlike me.. Haha!
Yeah, yeah! Let's go again.. Got any in Qatar?