Friday, December 11, 2009

I Can Smell It

It’s going to be a long holiday. I can smell it. I love the smell of the long, free holidays. <3

I’m digesting the holidays slowly. Don’t care whether it’s doing any harm to my system but, I just want to relax and spend some quality time with family and friends.

Plus, I got a list of things to do. Well, more like a list of things to buy. Haha…

But, I think I need to set some priorities. I had been planning to set up my own domain. Not sure when will I get it done since I have not decide on anything yet. I need to find a proper name for my domain coz’ I don’t feel like using my name. I need suggestions, people!

And also I need people to set up the domain for me. Since Dr. Wong is always busy, I will have to wait for the right time when she’s around. And also the time when she’s not sleepy and tired.

Oh ya! Not forgetting, I need someone to design my domain. Maybe not that soon. Not really the whole website. The header itself will do, just like mine here. It was designed by my ex-classmate. But, problem is, I don’t know what kind of theme I want. I guess I don’t want pink anymore. Hmph!

I hope I can get it done well. Hopefully it’ll be done by 29 January 2010. Why? Please don’t misunderstand the reason why just coz’ it’s LMC’s birthday but, it’s not! Haha… It’s because it’ll be my blog’s 5th anniversary! I’m a little blur about the date though but, I’ll just take the date of very first post.

So, please pray for me about this! And anyone who has ideas or can help, please let me know alright? Thank you!

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