Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Hair Cut

I had a new hair cut about a week ago. =(

08122009994 copy

My hair right before I got it chopped!

I wanted to do something to my hair like, either relax or rebond it. But, Mummy wanted me to just cut it.

So, there I went.

Picture0003 copy

Just took this picture, so it should be a little shorter when I cut it last week…

I have natural curls but, it seems like my hair is always looking so messy because it’s quite short. So, the saloon owner suggested me to keep longer hair so, it’ll look just nice with the natural curls.

I want long hair!!! But, I got to wait longer and try get some slight trim every once a while.

Seriously… I can’t imagine myself with long hair. Can you?

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Sherp said...

cute! i like ur new hair