Monday, December 21, 2009


I have been living here in Miri for more than a decade. But, when asked, “Where is the best kueh chap here?” or “What’s the most popular food here in Miri?”, I will completely go nuts.

Tanjung Lobang

Anyone knows whether the sotong bakar at Taman Selera are good or where else?

Forgive me, but I feel like a noob as a Mirian. I realised I don’t know much thing about this awesome place. Maybe because I had been shut off from the world for the past 10 years due to the hectic life of a student.


Arcade, anyone?

Seriously, I didn’t go out often and always stayed at home studying. The times when I go out were all to tuitions.


My beloved high school!

Ok, Ok. Maybe not that sad. I did go out once in a while to shopping malls. And now, I go out more with friends. But, still, I don’t know much. Plus, the places that I go out to eat are always the same and I’m not even sure whether it’s nice or not. I don’t really have good taste buds.


Anyone knows where’s the best laksa in Miri?

I’m hosting a big group of friends from West Malaysia. I’m supposed to plan everything which include bringing them to the best food, interesting places and other important stuffs. OMG. What to do?


Should I bring them to eat crabs? To where then?


Dim Sum at 2020?

Suggestions please, people! I need ideas on where should I bring my friends to and what kind of food should I bring them to eat. I hope I can be a good host and definitely, I hope they’re going to enjoy Miri!


Got to bring them to Esplanade too!

P/s: Please email me here or leave a comment for ideas and suggestions. TQ!


Sylvia Regina said...

best laksa is the 1 in krokop. krokop lorong 1 moved to a new location dy now.

teck said...

makanmaniacs dot com

:: keanie-weanie :: said...

alamak you teruk la..

you eat too much at home! hahah..go out and eat! experiment! My two years in Miri taught me so much more about food than your life there! nah!!!!

lynn-w said...

omg, i tot u were standing on a crocodile!

LingDi said...


Haha.. Not because I want one. No $$$! Have to save $$$ by eating home. And no time and also nobody to take me out for good food. =( You recommend la..

Aduh.. Haha!