Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kay-Tee-Tee IV

Juniors. The juniors in my college is definitely different from my secondary school’s juniors. In the old days in secondary school, juniors are more likely to be referred as the prefects’ juniors. Not really the students who are younger than our batch.

But, that’s secondary school. Not in college.

When the juniors came in, I didn’t think I would be free or even willing to get to know them. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t close to my seniors. I was only close to Sharlyne and a few CF seniors. Call me anti-social but, not many of my seniors hang out with my friends and I. I seriously don’t know much about them.


So, when the juniors entered college, I didn’t really want to hang out much with them. But, they’re too cute to resist! Talking about the CF juniors, they are awesome. They are people who are full of excitement, enthusiasm, love, surprise, and the list goes on…



It’s really sad coz’ when I was just starting to hang out with them and get to know them better, I had to leave college. It was just a few weeks before I graduated from college that I started to join them in the library to study. It was really fun studying with juniors, with all those gossips, jokes, chats and not forgetting, the high-risks-of-getting-diabetes candies.


23Cute Willy and Edwin!

Talking about studying with juniors, I also started to study with another group of juniors every night in the empty room just below my apartment. They are mostly 1-year students except this girl who everyone claimed to look like me! But, I must admit, we do have quite a few similarities.


We look alike meh? I think she looks more like Ah Ning =)

We became good friends in just a short time. Chai Lian and I just love to dig their secrets out and they were scared of us that they would tell us their little secrets. So cute of them. They are all very caring and kind to me.


Studying illegally at 2am in the empty classroom…

And sometimes I think that, it’s not always the seniors who teach the juniors but the other way round too. For me, I think they had taught me a lot of things and I’m really thankful for having them as my juniors.


P/s: So sorry! I don’t have pictures of the rest like, Sui Seng, Hau Seng, John and a few more. =( Got to get some from Chai Lian next time. I miss you all!

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