Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everybody’s Best Friends

It has been ages since the last time I blogged about my 2 best friends at home.

Shoo and HeiQ!!! It’s so hard to express how cute they are coz’ it’s just indescribable.


So cute and elegant even when Shoo is sleeping!

Shoo is a natural poser and he’s so photogenic. He is a no-camera-shy dog as he is used to people taking pictures of him since a few weeks old! And he’s one dog who loves people to groom him. During normal times, he won’t bother to even look at you but, once you lift up his brush, he’ll come straight to you and ask you to brush his fur. So adorable! He’s like our teddy bear. <3

Just about 3-4 weeks old!


And now, he’s so big and still cute! I love this pic of Shoo posing like this.. Natural poser!

And HeiQ, intelligent! She’s so smart that you don’t even need to train her to get her to sit or do any stunts. She knows them all! I have no idea how she learned all these things. Especially the newspapers trick that we discovered she could do 2 years ago. She’s really one amazing and observant dog.


One of the smartest dogs I had ever seen…     


She loves car rides!

Everyone who meets them will love them! They are just so irresistible to love. Ahh!!! I just want to squeeze and hug them so much. But, sometimes Shoo doesn’t like people to hug him too much. Hehe!

But, one thing I notice about them. They don’t like to listen to me playing guitar! I had been playing guitar frequently after dinner. It’s the time they have dinner. And I notice they would quickly finish their food and run away to play instead of lazing around the patio with me. =( I thought they like the guitar! Hmph!


My guitar! Ermm.. It’s actually ErJie’s but, I’m using it now =) Hehe!


LX said...

Shoo and Heigou are like awesome cute!! I cannot understand why they are so so adorable in their own ways. And YES, they hate guitar.

jazz said...

they are so cute. hehehe.. i want to hug them too. know what, i think they are prob the best to go for hugs when u are down. haha..

LingDi said...

Haha.. They are! Btw, I just found out guitar could make Scooby move around a lot after dinner, and not just lie down and sleep. He tend to walk around more and play with HeiQ. Haha!

Yeah! Haha.. Come back fast and hug them! Yeah.. Dogs are like the best therapists sometimes..