Friday, December 04, 2009


My current favourite show – GLEE.


Thanks to my college juniors and friends, I’m officially a Gleek. But, I think it’s a good show for me coz’ I get to know more English songs since I don’t really like listening to them nowadays.


Well, the characters don’t really set good examples but, what I’m looking forward to every episodes are the songs and their performances. That’s what I like about Glee.  

Here’s my random favourite character:


Although he’s gay in Glee (I think in real life too(?) according to Wikipedia), I like his singing especially Defying Gravity!   


LX said...

EEeee... sounds like girl's voice

LingDi said...

He's a male soprano la.. And he hit the high F note.. U should watch Glee..

Sylvia Regina said...

Rachel is better than Kurt for Defying Gravity!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDD

Kurt is funny in certain time.

LingDi said...

No!! I like Kurt's version better. Haha=) Maybe coz' he doesn't have a lot of solo.. But Rachel is really good..