Thursday, December 17, 2009

Long time ago…

Kristine just tagged me 2 photos of me and some old friends on facebook. Guess how long back then?


Michelle, Kim, Me and a friend (I forgot who.. Sorry!) =)

5 years ago!

We’re Form 2 when Michelle and I attended the 'No Apologies’ workshop organised by my church. Back then, Michelle was a free thinker but, look at her now! She’s not only my bestie but also my sister-in-Christ!


We’re supposed to use this picture as our Moral project!

Talking about ‘No Apologies’, I still have the pledge card with me in my purse. Anyone still keeping it?

How I miss those old days! 


LX said...

I don't have the card ler. But I have the pledge in my heart. You are so hilarious..don't know who the other girl is.. anyway, you look much better that time. I think 'cos you were active in tennis?

LingDi said...

Ehh.. Then did you attend the workshop? Seriously.. I don't know who's the other girl.. haha=)
I was 14 that time, my prime time in tennis.. Muahaha..

LX said...

No. Never attended the workshop.

Chelley~ said...

Me me!!