Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kay-Tee-Tee III

A special post dedicated to my college’s Christian Fellowship. My little testimony about me in CF.


CF every Wednesday night.


The place I went every Wednesday, the people I joined every Wednesday and the fellowship I had with them every Wednesday.


I had learned so much about God in CF. I had gotten closer to God through CF.

As I had mentioned in my first Kay-Tee-Tee post, I had never really joined such a fellowship when I’m back in my hometown. It’s my very first time joining CF and I know it’s exactly what God wanted me to do when He put me there at the first place.


CF was where I got to know so many awesome people. Regardless of speakers, visitors, seniors, friends or juniors, they are all awesome people who had brought inspirations to my life. They are truly, a blessing to me.


I was once a shy girl who refused to lead a prayer or just even to voice out her thoughts and opinions during meetings. I was scared to say or ask anything because I didn’t want to look like a fool who doesn’t know a thing. I was just too embarrassed to do so.


But, every since joining CF, I started to open up. I started to stop feeling shy or embarrassed and asked questions when I don’t understand some things. I started to share my thoughts when my CF leader asked me to. And I started to lead prayers when somebody asked me to. I feel so good because I now know that what I’m doing are all for God. Why feel so shy or embarrassed? It’s a blessing to do it. Why not?


I <3 CF. I <3 God. =)


Sherp said...

waaah i love the photo where u guys are at the sand with the heart drawn! :)
very inspiring share of ur cf experiences!

LingDi said...

Aww.. Tnx! I hope I can inspire more ppl through this post too. =)
Btw, the one on the sand is written "miss u" with a heart as the outline dedicated to the rest CF members who couldn't make it. i feel bad coz' I didn help out.. Was too busy playing.. Haha=)