Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Should Have Been There At 13

I now realised that I’m a little bit too old for Sunway Lagoon. Should have been there when I was 13 years old. Or a year or two older, not at 19.


But, sometimes, age doesn't matter especially you’re there people you love! I was there with my dear cousins right after my exams, sometime in November.


I was really looking forward to going to Sunway Lagoon as it was one of my little dreams when I was young. Don’t know why my parents didn’t bring me there when we fly to KL last time.

The place wasn’t that crowded. The queues are all quite short, just like when we went to Paris Disneyland. But, honestly, I thought the place was quite boring. Not many fun rides to go to. Well, unless you are willing to pay more to go for the Extreme Park. 


The only extreme ride I went on was the Pirate Ship. And honestly, it was terrifying! Not only they have 360° turn, the speed was super slow. So, imagine how horrifying it is to actually have your whole body turned in a very slow speed. Plus with all the blood that rushed to your brain. OMG. I was so horrified that I didn’t even scream.


Ah Wei, Sherp and I on the ride! Notice the red box… Haha!


Look at us after the ride =(

Well, at first, we planned to go there without getting wet. So, I packed light and didn’t bring any extra clothes. However, due to the weird promotion, it seems cheaper to buy the tickets for both dry and wet parks rather than just the dry park. So, we got to go to the wet park.

And the consequences…


Power Rangers!

The water rides were quite fun. I was a little worried about the aftermath since I didn’t even bring an extra clothes! But, I soon forgot about it and started to enjoy the rides.


My water ride partner, a lady from Aus.


After playing here and there, we decided to head back to Sunway Pyramid. That’s where the problem started. No clothes to change to! So, what to do?

I squeezed my tee and shorts till there were no water dripping and stepped into the mall. Not forgetting the part where someone opened my toilet door while I was changing! I didn’t lock my door coz’ it was spoiled so, I just thought no one would open it. So embarrassing!!! Haha…


Totally drenched! –_-||  

It was so uncomfortable and I was shivering coz’ it was so cold! So, people, lesson of the day is to bring extra clothes to theme park no matter you are playing water or not! Just bring!


LX said...

Go water ride with OP! Hahah

LingDi said...

Huh? What OP?