Saturday, January 05, 2008

UK Craze - Part 4

Day 11 - 10 Dec
Went to Paris today! Oh.. It was so great. In fact, Paris reminded me of the Disney's cartoon, Magdeline. We used Euro Star to go to Paris. It went under the sea (?) to reach Paris. My goodness.. Under the sea? So scary but it wasn't obvious. Reached Paris at about 2 hours after we departed. We walked around first then, made our way to Marne Le Vallee - Chessy, the station situated at the Disneyland Park area. We used a taxi to Davy Crockett Ranch, the place we were going to stay. It was really cute! Love the cabin. It was kind of small but the it was really cozy. Love the place! Too bad it wasn't summer. Otherwise, we could barbeque outside. Then, at night, we walked to the supermarket there because Mummy and Yiyi heard that there were going to be Disney characters there. We walked around the shop then, Donald Duck appeared! He was in a hunting costume. So cute! We took pictures with him. It was getting a bit late so, we walked back to our cabin.

At St. Pancras Station

Going into the waiting lounge!

Walking around the city!

Donald Duck! ^_^

Day 12 - 11 Dec Went to Disneyland Park and Disney Walt Studio! At last! Got to go to Disneyland. I really, really wanted to go to one but never had the chance. But, thank God for this wonderful opportunity! The friendly taxi driver was quite early. So, we reached there earlier. The first land we went to was Discoveryland! Really disappointed that Space Mountain was closed. We only went to a few games there like the Buzz LightYear, Autopia and some more. Then, we went to Adventure Land via Fantasyland. Went to Indiana Jones ride. It was thrilling but, short. So, didn't really enjoy much of it as my eyes were shut all the time! Haha.. We also went to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. After Adventure Land, we went to Frontier Land. Went on Big Thunder Mountain. Love that a lot! Haha.. The ride was really, really fun! We also went to the Haunted Mansion. Not very scary though. We also went to Fantasyland's Peter Pan ride. It rained too. Haik.. Then, we proceeded to Walt Disney Studio. There, we went to Rock 'n Roller Coaster. It was really cool and fun! I tried to open my eyes and I did! Then, went to a few rides. Also went on a really surprising ride, Crush Coaster - Finding Nemo. Why? It was suppose to be a mild ride but ended up a scary one. I sat backwards so, everything was really different! I was really shocked. Haha.. We also went to watch Animaque. The characters were cute. We went back to Disneyland and went on Big Thunder Mountain again. Love it a lot! Haha.. I even got to scream! I was having fun screaming until I heard Lynna screaming "Zhang Dong Liang!!!!!". I was like.. what?? Then, I also joined in and scream. I even screamed CW, wo hen ni! Haha.. After that, we met up with Yiyi and went back to our cabin.

Us at Disneyland's USA Street

Lynna and I

On the Aladdin's carpet ride!

Daddy and Mummy on the extreme ride! Haha...

Us with Robin Hood's evil king!

Day 13 - 12 Dec
Went sight-seeing today. Paris, Paris.. We used Metro (just like London's tube) to see Notre Dame at St-Michel. It was magnificent. Just like what I had always see in the cartoon, Hunchback of the Notre Dame. Then, went to see Eiffel Tower! Wow.. I can't believe that I was there. It was surreal. Took lots of pictures. We even saw a really cute dog and took pictures with it. I miss Scooby a lot! We also went to Muse de Lourve, a pyramid-like building to have lunch. It was located near the museum where Mona Lisa is placed in. Apologies, forgot the name. Hehe.. We also went to La Defense to shop. Haik.. Saw a really, really nice Bata boots which I love a lot but didn't buy. Why? It was 49 euros and was not made of real leather, so didn't think it was worth it. Haik.. I had been boots-hunting ever since I reached London. We went back to Marne La Vallee and visited Disney Village before heading home.

At Notre Dame!

I love Eiffel Tower!

Lourve, Lourve!

At the arch! Love it!

Day 14 - 13 Dec
Going back to London today. We took some pictures around the ranch then, went to La Defense for shopping. There were a shopping area where lots of branded goods were sold there. Haik.. Love the bags! I want a LV bag! Haha.. Wait till I get my "I'm not a Plastic Bag" first. Haha.. I also bought a pair of sport shoes at Go Sport. It is a very sports centre. Love the tennis racquets there. Wish I could get one but, don't think I will be competing again. I saw a really nice pair of boots again! This time, no size for me. Haik.. We spent our time there till around 5pm. Then, went to the train station to take Euro Star.

Our cabin sweet cabin!

Playing with the swings! We ended up having our pants wet because of the ice!

The grass was frozen to ice!

At La Defense's La Vallee Village ^_^

Day 15 - 14 Dec
Went to Sherp's school today! Was quite nervous and I can't believe I was doing it. I was quite reluctant the week before because I am not quite sure how it would be in an ang mo's school. But, I really wanted to give it a try so, I gathered all my guts and followed her there. The people there were really friendly and good to me. The school is just like what I always see on television. I joined Sherp's Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics classes. I even went to their "Healthy Living" Talk. I can understand what the teachers were teaching in Biology and Maths classes. That's because I had already learned them. So, I had quite a fun there. Sherp's friends are really funny and fun. I couldn't stop laughing when I joined their Physics class. I really hope I could have this kind of class in Malaysia. Plus, the teachers here were really kind. At night, we went to Victoria Station. We went on Mega Bus at 11pm to go to Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a night bus so, had to spend long hours in the bus. 9 hours of journey....