Monday, January 21, 2008

Friends Gathering!

Last Saturday was like a Friends Forever Day. I joined my ex-school's tennis club in the morning. Well, I really miss playing tennis! Haha..

Tennis racquets..

Then, in the afternoon, I received a rather shocking message from my unexpected friend, Joaquina! She was asking me whether I want to meet up or not. So, I rang her up and talked to her. We decided to meet up at Parkson and go for a movie. When we reached the place, we realised that we got the movie time wrong! Joaquina thought it was 1.45pm but it was actually showing at 1.15pm. So, Janice, Joa and I just hanged out around Parkson, chatting. We went to Coffee Bean to have some drinks. I had Ice-blended Green Tea. We were enjoying ourselves with stories and gossips until Joa saw one of her teachers in NS! Haha.. She didn't want to meet them so, we ran out using the back doors and headed to KFC. Unfortunately, Joa saw another of her teacher at KFC! So, she sat behind the pole, hiding away from the teacher. Then, we quickly went back to Coffee Bean again and spent our time talking.

Jan's drink and mine!

Joa eating her chicken..

At night, I went to Jan's house for a gathering with my friends. We had pot luck. I made fried some sausages. It was only a few of us first. So, we started to eat. I loved the food, especially Kenaina's chicken wings! Hehe.. Then, the others started to come and the table was crowded in the end! I loved the desserts. David brought blueberry cheesecake which was really, really rich and yummy! I only ate a small piece because I was quite full. David made vodka punch too. The vodka punch was really tasty. It kind of warmed my throat when I drank it. I also tried to take a small sip of vodka and it numbed my lips and tongue! Haha..

Eat, eat, eat!

Yummylicious cheesecake!

The vodka punch..

This is the vodka that David used to make the punch.. And also the one that numbed my lips and tongue!
After dinner, Joa, Mandy and I spent the time looking at Jan's sisters' wedding photos. Owh.. The photos were really nicely taken. Then, we had a chat while the others were playing cards. Then, we went into the movie room and chatted for a while. Kenaina and I couldn't stop laughing and giggling after talking about our debate and drama practice. After that, we decided to watch a movie. Again, we watched a horror movie! Well, I didn't really watch it because I spent most of the time under the blanket and playing my HP. Hehe..

Taking pics, playing guitar and chatting..

Us girls and Sam!

After the movie, at around 11.45pm, they went to eat again. I just sat around, talking and playing. Of course, not forgetting to take some pictures. ^_^ We went back around 12.45am.

Jan and I.. ^_^

Apek and Kok How..

Our Leo friend, Apek, gave Joa and I a lift back home. I reached home at around 1.00am. Wow! It's actually my first time reaching home so late! Haha..
It was a really great night. I will surely miss my friends after this.. Hmph.. :)


lynnx01 said...

1AM! You gila. HAhaha.. Was Shoobie sleeping when you reach home?

LingDi said...

Haha.. I wanted to go home earlier but, my friend kept eating and eating non-stop. Haha.. Scooby was awake lar.. He is sooo cute!

< u3! y!nG > said...

I would say, "aiya, biasa lah".

Lynnwei said...

why u go back so late!!

i think u all are u know how concentrated Vodkas are??? i dont even dare to drink vodka....wa lao eh

somemore, mommy daddy sure cant sleep waiting for u....cant believe u....

kesian scooby...cant to wait for u too!!
he sure think that he cant sleep coz u haven go back! kesian scooby!!!

LingDi said...

Uei Ying,

I did call Mummy and Daddy and told them what time I was going home. The vodka wasn't that strong. They only used a lil' to make a big bowl of punch. So, none was drunk. They even poured 2 bottles of 7UP into it. Btw, Scooby memang must stay up late. Otherwise, who elese to take care of the house? Haha..

Anonymous said...

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Lynnwei said...

u think scooby stayed up all night? he actually sleeps!! ahaha..he pura pura stay in ppl think he's taking care of the house...actually he is sleeping! hahahahah

cute cute scooby

Joan said...

haha... coool! that's something.

LingDi said...

No larr.. He usually sleeps at around 8 to 9pm then, after we go up to sleep, he will wake up.

Yeah.. Vodka! Haha..

Pyroboy1911 said...

ah, i miss vodka....

should try 1 part vodka 3 parts coke, not a little vodka and 2 bottles of 7UP. Balance disturbed oredi :P

LingDi said...

Wow.. I shall try that with my friends when there is any friends gathering. Haha.. They used half of the vodka then, the rest were orange juice, lemon and 7UP. My friend kept saying that we were drunk but, we weren't. One of my friends even drank it without knowing there vodka in it. Haha..

Sherp said...

waaaah sooo fun le! hehehe and vodka! tsk! :P i wana try some. but seeing as how i drank only little bit of wine already 'ing de bu de liaw' hahhaha funny. and it was our last night too.

eh. this yr i can finally celebrate bday with u all le. but see first where u will be by then hehe

LingDi said...

Yeah.. Really had fun. Btw, really excited that you're coming back. Hopefully, I'll be back at that time. Hmph.. We'll plan how to celebrate your birthday. Haha..