Wednesday, January 09, 2008

UK Craze - Part 5

Day 16 - 15 Dec
Reached Edinburgh at around 8.30am. Wow.. What a long, long journey. We met up with Osbert, Uei Ying's friend there. We kept our luggages at the locker there then, went to walk around the city. We just did some sight-seeing. I saw a lot of kilts! Was wondering whether I should get on for Ah Wei or not but, they were very expensive! It was around 20 to 30. Luckily didn't get him one coz' he said "NO!" to me when I asked him. Haha.. We went to see Edinburgh Castle but didn't go in. Just took a few pictures there and had a small lunch there. We also walked past the Optical Museum. We had lots of fun playing with the mirrors outside the place! Then, went to a Chinese restaurant and had lunch there. We ordered the lunch sets. I was quite confused as it wasn't really a pure Chinese restaurant. It was kind of like a westernised Chinese restaurant. The food was OK. After lunch, the five of us: Sherp, Ivy, Lynna, Me, Uei Ying and Osbert went to The Edinburgh Dungeon! We actually wanted to go for the London's one but, couldn't make it. So, didn't want to miss the chance. We were so excited that we were singing all the way there. Pity Osbert that he had to walk with a bunch of crazy girls! Haha.. The Edinburgh Dungeon wasn't very scary. It was more like an exhibition with live actors. Interesting.. I was hoping for people to scare us but, they didn't do so. We spent about 1 hour there. After that, we walked back to the bus station to meet with the adults. Since we heard it was just 15 minutes walk to our apartment, we decided to walk there. But, 15 minutes turned to 50 minutes! We had to walk from the city centre to another side of the city! So tiring but, did enjoy the walk. After dinner, we watched UK X-Factor. I predicted that Leon will win. The rest were hesitating. And... He WON!!! I knew it! Rhydian was really good but, Leon can sing more type of songs compared to Rhydian and of course he can sell more too! Hip hip horray!

In front of the Royal Bank of Scotland

In excitement!

In front of Edinbrugh Castle ^^

A family shoot with Osby ^_^

Sherp and I!

Us at Edinburgh Dungeon!

Day 17 - 16 Dec
Took some pictures at the backyard then, walked to the bus station again. We took off from Edinburgh at around 11.30am. The journey on bus was really uncomfortable. Don't really like bumpy rides. Did sleep for a while. We reached Victoria Station at around 8.00pm. Used the tube back to Ealing Broadway. Was quite exhausted but were relieved that we had finally reached home.

Having breakfast!

At the backyard! ^_^

Waiting for the tube to go to Ealing

Day 18 - 17 Dec
Shopping Day!!! As it was our last day there, I decided to shop as much as I could. Woke up quite late but was in time to go out to shop. We went to Ealing Broadway. Went to Claire, JJB Sports and some more. JJB Sports was having a sale. I didn't plan to go there but, Lynna insisted to. When I went into the shop, I saw lots of branded sports clothes like Nike, Adidas.. The price was quite reasonable so, bought some. I also checked on the original price for the clothes I bought and it wasn't cheap. So, quite satisfied. Then, went back to have lunch and went out again. In the evening, we went out to watch 'Enchanted' with Sherp's friend at Ealing Broadway Empire. The quality was definitely good. Love the movie. It was really funny and I enjoyed the plot. We had dinner after that at home. Drank some wine and apple soda too.

At Ealing Broadway :)


Day 19 - 18 Dec
Woke up very early today. We went to Heathrow accompanied by Yiyi, Uei Ying, Ivy and Osbert. Sherp couldn't make because she had to go to school. Teo Teo had to go to work too. So, after bidding good bye, we proceeded to the departure lounge. We had to transit at Dubai again. This time, had some time to walk around. We wanted to buy a model of a camel but didn't because they only accept USD. We boarded the plane again at around... Not really sure about the time but it was at around 10pm (Dubai time).

Lynna and I at Heathrow Airport before departing.

At Dubai Airport!
Day 20 - 19 Dec
Reached Brunei earlier than expected at 10.15am. Big uncle took us to Escapade to have a Jap lunch. Nice, nice place. A big Thank You to koko for treating us. Reached Miri at around 3pm or 4pm. Miss Scooby and Hei Gou a lot! :)

Eating lunch at Excapade.. Yum Yum!
Well, that's all for my UK Craze. Miss UK now... It's really a very nice and good place to travel to. Love the sceneries, shopping places and top attractions. Love traveling using the tube too! It is so easy to use the tube. A big. big, big Thank You to my parents for giving me this wonderful opportunity to go there. Love you guys! Thank the Lord for everything!
Lastly, my advice to those who plans to go there, TRY NOT TO CONVERT THE PRICES THERE! Just enjoy yourself and shop if you want to. ^_^


Lynnwei said...

yay!!! nice, right? kekekekekek

LingDi said...

dubai not bad.. hopefully i can go there next time. :)

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Fabulous photos! Really shows what a great time you and your family had, and the beauty of the area.

Keep smiling!

LingDi said...

Furkids in hong kong,
Thank you! The place was really fantastic. And of course, I love taking pictures. Really hope that I can go traveling more often. ^^

< u3! y!nG > said...

It's fun to have holidays here rite? :P

LingDi said...

Uei Ying,
Definitely!!! I wish I can visit you in NZ or even go there to study. Haik.. Really envy my friends who are going overseas.. Hehe.. I miss the tube too!

lynnx01 said...

You know what... I really think you look like me in the airport pics. Brrr.. scary la! Dahlah voice sounds like me. Wanna me as fat as me also..