Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sushi Go Round!

Inspired by the game of Sushi Go Round, The Guinness World of Records show, Sherp and Uei Ying, I had decided to try and make some sushi. It was not my first time though but, it was indeed better than the first time I made sushi.

Sushi, sushi!

I only had the seaweed , the mat and the rice so, I made up my mind to use sausages only for the fillings. I didn't want to prepare so many things as I don't have any experience. So, I put the rice on the seaweed and spread it evenly. Then, I placed the sausages on it and started to roll it up. It looked quite neat compared to my first ones. Hehe.. I made three rolls and cut it up.

It looks like a face! Hehe..

They do look delicious right?? Hehe..
It tasted quite OK that I couldn't stop eating! Haha.. So, I ate the sushi for lunch. I guess it was really tasty because even my maid said that it was 'enak'. Hehe..
I guess I shall try making sushi again using more ingredients. So, wish me all the best!

P/s: Don't worry, I will share the sushi with you guys after some practices.. That's if you guys are daring enough to eat them! Haha..


lynnx01 said...

What la.. all sausaged. Hoho

LingDi said...

Haha.. Coz' no ingredients to put inside marr.. Haha.. When you come back, then we go buy more things and make.

Mandy said...

lol... do i have to make reservations if i wanna try =)

< u3! y!nG > said...

Yea yea, i want to eat tuna one also. Maybe can put some other stuff like chicken pieces? Diff stuff in sushi is nice.

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

That's a wonderful job you've done. At first glance I thought that this was a post from a Japanese restaurant.

Wise of you too to have refined your skills with the simpler materials first.

Sushi I want!

LingDi said...

Maybe.. Hehe..

That's a good idea. I shall try to make tuna sushi. Did you guys use salmon? Too bad it's hard to get salmon here. I'll make sushi when you're back here. Hehe..

Furkids in Hong Kong,
Haha.. Thanks. I love Jap food ever since I came back from Japan. I'll try use more things to make next time. I guess I need to use better seaweed coz' the seaweed was not very tasty.

Being simple is the best when you are trying new things. Hehe.. ^_^

Sherp said...

make morrreeeeee and save some for me! i cant believe im reading this when im hungry. just like ning jie's blog. always hav yummy food! and my craving for sushi has begun again. ur fault!!

BLueY said...

owhh. yummy!!

LingDi said...

I guess it's your fault! Haha.. Who ask you to blog about sushi then, make me make them? Haha.. Come back fast! I'll make for you.

Yummy! You want some? Hehe..