Friday, January 04, 2008

I want this... And I want that...No... I want all of them!

I know, I know! I might sound like a spoilt brat who has no idea how hard it is to earn money but I really want what I want now. I am trying my best to search for ways to earn money in order to get what I want. Haik... Sounds very independent right? Not! Well, I am trying my best to and I hope I can do it! Please do help and pray for me...
There are a few electronics things that I really, really want. Hehe... Well, actually, there are 3 things.

No. 1: Sony Cyber-shot Album-T

Owh.. Look at them! They are falling from the sky to present themselves to me!

I really, really want it! I need a camera for myself and I love this camera. I need it to capture my memories, my moments and also my feelings. Of course I have a family digital camera but, I really want one for myself. *I am asking my Dad to get me one... Desperately asking...*

I want it not just because LYZ promoted it but, I really love it! It was love at first sight!

No. 2: Sony Mp4 Walkman
As long it is an Mp4, has large memory storage and has good functions, I want it! I don't know why but, I do like Sony products! I need an Mp4 to store all my favourite songs and also to accompany me when I am bored. Trust me, it is very useful. Btw, I can't just on the computer all the time just to listen to musics too!

How adorable!

No. 3: Laptop
I need a laptop, I want a laptop and I am going to get a laptop! Not sure when, but I am pretty sure that I am going to get this soon... When it's time for me to go study. I need a laptop to store all my personal files and to move around easily without being shut away from the world of internet. Seriously, I want one. One which is good, easy to be carried around, has good functions and suit my taste. Well, to be short and defined, I just need a simple, new one.

I need it!


Lynnwei said...

lynthia....gambate! i'm sure u'll get it...

and remember....marie france? ahha...another 2 years..hoho!!

well, try to earn more money...and when u get it..u'll feel great!!!

so...jia you!

LingDi said...

Oh DaJie, I thought you forgot about the marie france! Owh.. You are the best sister! Haha... I will ganbate. I tot you would lecture me but, you encouraged me instead! I love you sister!

< u3! y!nG > said...

Yea, good luck earning money. I am sure you will have ways to earn money. I like the sony camera. I want one too. :P

Lynnwei said...

of coz will encourage u...ahhah..i dont think a cybershot is good enought...erm...get a SLR! those cameras baru fun...wont lag when u take pictures..and u can snap alot!!! i'm aiming to get one...

lets hug!!!


Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Here's hoping you'll get all that you want!

That camera is pretty impressive. I played with my friends one for the day and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Of all the four you want? I'd love to get another laptop :D

Lynna said...
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LingDi said...

Tnx. I will try my very best. The camera is very good.

Furkids in Hong Kong,
Tnx for visiting. The camera's functions are really good. 4GB inner memory. I can't choose either or them. Haha.. But, I guess laptop is the best.

< u3! y!nG > said...

Yea yea.