Friday, January 11, 2008

My 'Budak' Friend

Well, my best friend requested me to write a post about her before she went for NS but, I didn't the time to do so until today. So, 'budak' Joaquina Emily Lim Siew Siew, this is for you.

She has a dream...

I met her since we were in primary school. Well, we didn't really go to the same school but the same tuition. She was very friendly to me at that time. She was too friendly to me till she tried to run me away from tuition by bringing me to my teacher's car porch to play! Haha... She did quite a lot of funny things. The most memorable one was her imitating the one of the scenes in The Parent Trap movie! What a girl!

Parent Trap! Haha...

We stopped going to the tuition at the same time after that first year. But, we met again in secondary school. We weren't that close yet. I was transfered to the other class so, we didn't study in the same class. However, we did went cycling around our residential area often. I also started to carpool with her. Then, in 2nd Form, she shifted to my class. Then, we started to grew closer as good friends. We did quite a lot of funny things together with our best friends: Mic and Jan. We often carpool to school during the exam time.

Joa and I at the hair saloon ^^

In our 3rd Form, we were even closer as best friends! Of course, we often carpool. She also loved to tickle my leg while at the Science lab! Naughty girl... However, our friendship was a bit rocky due to some misunderstandings among four of us. But, we finally got over it because we knew that our friendship shouldn't be affected by the unnecessary problems. We got over PMR and got good, satisfying results! Thank the Lord for that.

Us 4 best friends!

In our 4th Form, we did more and more carpooling to tuitions and also back from school during the exam time. We enjoyed eating 'rojak' and 'ais kacang' near our Physics tuition. In Leo, we were elected as the secretaries. She was my honoured vice secretary. We did some emceeing together. Also, we did our hair together for special functions. Really enjoyed the times we did the girlie stuffs. Haha... Btw, I could still remember that time when Mic and I dared her to eat a small piece of vege because we knew she hates vege.

She really ate that piece of vege!

On our last year in secondary school, life were the same except we were even closer as best friends. We also often went to eat 'rojak' at the stall located near to our Physics tuition. We had great times gossiping. We also worked together during the Leo Forum 07'. We stayed at Imperial Hotel together with our other friends and burned midnight oil to work! We also went to do our hair for the banquet night. In school, she was very crazy. She always enjoyed hitting our butts and laughed her head off. Oh boy... I do really miss my school life.

Joa and I again!

Having fun in tuition! Poor Audrey stuck in the middle of us! (I know.. we looked awful!)

She is a really great friend! Not only she is funny, she loves to speak Malay to me(?)! Yes.. We often speak in Malay through a phone conversation! Funny right? Haha... We also often sing songs together. I could still remember the tongue twister she taught me:

kuku kaki kakakku,
kok kaku kaku kek,
kok kaku kaku kuku kaki kakakku

I will never forget about her as my 'budak' best friend because she had filled my life with lots of weird but interesting elements. All the best in your life girl! God bless...

P/s: Joa, now you owe me a post about me! ^_^


lynnx01 said...

she imitate what scene in the movie? hehe

LingDi said...

Hehe.. She's gonna kill me if I tell. Haha.. It's one of the scene that has the evil girlfriend and the father of the twins.