Sunday, January 13, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Forgive me for not blogging lately. I had quite a busy weekend. Well... Not that busy but, busier than the type of weekends I used to have after graduating from secondary school.
Guess what?! I got a part time job as a helper for a Mandarin conference on insurance for two days! Quite a good deal right? It was! What we had to do was only to assist the participants from the conference to the restaurants and vice versa by holding a coloured flag up. Plus, breakfast, lunch and even tea break were provided! We also got to spend time resting, talking and shopping while the participants were listening to the talks. Indeed a great job. And most importantly, we got paid for doing all that!
Well, although it was a good job, I still envy Sherp who has a wonderful, nice freelance job. Haiks.. How I wish I have a great boss like hers.. Haha..
Apologies.. Pictures of my job will be up soon!


< u3! y!nG > said...

It's good to have a job and have fun. Don't worry, one day you will find a type of job u will like.

Sherp said...

my job ah. okla :P

LingDi said...

Uei Ying,
Yeah.. Too bad it's only for two days.

Your job IS GOOD! Haha..