Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meeting the Merlion III

It has been ages since the last time I stepped into a zoo. And the last time I did was at the National Zoo Malaysia (Very near to room mate’s house) when I was 10. And all I could remember about it was the stinky smell of the animals. =(

So, this time, at the age of 19, I gave it a try again at Singapore Zoo.


With family!

And honestly, even at this age of mine, I still find it enjoyable and fun to visit the zoo. And this time, there was no stinky smell!


Clean and comfortable =)

Ok, maybe I had a blocked nose that time but, the zoo is super clean. Awesome place for family outing.


Crazy hippo!

We didn’t spend the whole day there. We just walked around for about 2 hours there coz’ we skipped some animals like monkeys. I don’t like monkeys btw. =(


With Lynna and Mummy.

We focused more on cuter animals which reminds us of Shoo and HeiQ! For examples, polar bears, white tiger and maybe elephant(?). Haha!


So cute the white tiger!


The elephants there are super adorable too!

We also saw some interesting animals like wild boars. I think they are cute but, a little bit ugly. Sorry, I’m being a little paradox. Lol.


I think the horns-look-alike are their teeth… Kind of cute in certain ways. Lol!

We didn’t watch a lot of shows as we were quite early but, managed to catch the feeding time for the polar bears. I love them! The one we saw is called Inuka and he’s 19 too! Daddy really thinks he looks like Shoo that he now calls Shoo the same name. –_-||


Cute Inuka!

After almost completing the whole place, we decided to stop and leave. Sad part was that we couldn’t find where the lions are. =( But, it’s alright since we already have a lion at home. Hehe..

SONY DSCWith cousin, Lynn Hee =)      

I don’t mind going to a zoo or a safari(!) again next time. It’s really fun and I got to see so many cute animals real life rather than from the TV only.

Plus, I really like this zoo because it’s so beautiful, clean and has loads of cute animals. I just like how they organise all the animals. Lovely place and highly recommended to everyone of all ages. =)


Maybe I should just transport myself to the safari? Haha!

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