Saturday, December 26, 2009

Meeting the Merlion II

Since most of the shops there open by 11am, we went to walk around the city since we woke up super early on the second day!



I woke up at 6am. Sounds like jetlag to me. Ok, I’m kidding. But, somehow, I did wake up at 6am and after breakfast, we went out to walk.

First place, the ‘Durian’ building. It’s actually Esplanade but, the building looks like durian so, I guess that’s why people call it so. As usual, we used the underpass to get there. Not far at all.


On our way to Esplanade.


With Mummy outside building!

Then, we walked further to the bridge and there, we could see the Singapore Flyer! I really wanted to go but, no one was interested. =(


I love the view here! The white balloons floating on the water are all Christmas wishes written by people =)

Near to it is the Las Vegas Sands. I heard about it before and now, I got to see it. I think the structures are very interesting.


Cool eh?

The whole place was full of tourists from different places. So, it was quite difficult to take photos since everyone was taking them at the same time.


So many people walking along the bridge! Mummy and Daddy pointing at the Merlion, I think.

And further up is the Merlion! The weather was super hot that I got a little annoyed. Wished it’s winter. =(

SONY DSCHot and sunny weather made me couldn’t open my eyes bigger =(     

After a while, we walked back to SRC through a different route which I thought was nearer. Got to see other interesting buildings as well.

And, at 11am, it’s back to shopping again! =)

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