Saturday, December 05, 2009

My New Job

I think I just got myself a new job.

Joaquina Lim Siew Siew’s PA. Personal Assistant. She calls me her secretary but I prefer the title “PA”.

What do I do as her PA?

1. Follow her around the town.

2. Manage her phone contacts (By saving her contacts into her new phone, Nokia N86 – Lovely phone!).

3. Help to buy phone reloads for her.

4. Hold the umbrella up for her where ever she goes in the rain.

5. Park her car when she on her phone (Only once and it was in a very short distance only!).

6. Keep her car keys.

7. Take photos of her events.

8. Prepare sanitizer and tissues (Dry & wet tissues) for her.

9. Breaking crabs’ shells for her when she makan crabs.

10. Guiding her a little bit on how to use her new phone.

Funny right? Haha…

But, despite all these things, I enjoy hanging out with my bestie very much (Chelle too!).

And I don’t even think it’s a burden coz’ it’s not at all! That’s what besties are for right? And I guess if I can drive, she’ll definitely be my PA too! One day larr


jazz said...

lol i thought u really got a job.

Sherp said...

because how fun is it when u are "working" and playing at the same time?
:p hehe

Queena said...

haha thx hun for being such a good PA...Love ya!!

Chelley~ said...

LOL aww I wish I got myself a PA! ><

LingDi said...

Haha.. No, I didn't. =)

Haha.. It's quite a fun job. =)

Thank you, boss! Next time, it's your turn to be my PA.

Haha.. Don't worry! Joa will be your PA when you're back k! Remember to torture her.