Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Night to Remember

I just came back from my Prom Graduation Dinner. So tired! I just managed to finish packing all my stuffs. Tomorrow morning will wake up early to pack a little bit more then I’m good to go home!

Meanwhile, this is a photo of my at the dinner.


I looked a little different because of the very red lipstick I used to match the red blood belt and shawl. My theme: red and black!

I’d gained a lot of weight. Due to certain misfortunes and laziness, I had gained weight but, I’m determined to shed it off when I’m back during the holidays.

Stay tune for more pictures of the dinner!


LX said...

A lot a lot alot of weight!

jazz said...

yea u can do it. =)

LingDi said...

Bluek.. At least I admit.. Not like most fat ppl do. Yay! But, I know this is what God wants me to go through.. Maybe He wants me to be fat first then slim down? Look at the brighter side..

Tnx!! You too with your interviews! Will be praying for you always=)

JanJan said...

Love the belt and shoes! :)