Friday, June 06, 2008


맛있은 means delicious in Korean. To be honest, I thought Korean food isn't that nice compared to Japanese food. And for certain people like me, it's not really our cup of tea. However, there are some which are really nice. My very first time eating Korean food was when I was at Japan for YE. I had yakiniku (in Japanese) which means grilled beef. And I'm pretty sure it's called bul-go-gi in Korean.

The bul-go-gi we had yesterday...

Not long ago, Ning Jie and I wanted to try some Korean food. It was quite random though. So, yesterday, we went to the one and only Korean restaurant in Miri (I think...), located near Boulevard Hypermarket.

With the menu!

We ordered 3 dishes:

  • Bul-go-gi is thinly-sliced choice beef stir fried in special blend of oriental sauce and spices.
  • Kimchi bo-kum-bab is fried rice seasoned with soured kimchi and various ground meat and vegetables.
  • Ra-myon is thin noodles in hot soup with its spices originally from Korea
(Credits to Ning Jie)

We were also served with some side dishes like kimchi, pickles, and some others. The kimchi bo-kum-bab was really yummy! However, the ra-myon was quite disappointing coz' it tasted just like the normal curry instant noodles we can get. The bul-go-gi was OK and it's very different from what I had in Japan.

Yum yum!

Ning Jie!

The ra-myon which I thought was disappointing...

The food!

After the Korean food, we went to walk around Bourlevard. While walking around, we heard something was going on Level 3. Curiosity kills the cat! So, we went up and found out that it was Ultraman Max's meet-the-fans session! -_-|| And guess what?! There were kids queuing up just to take pictures with the Ultraman Max. So cute!

Kids and their parents queuing up! (Ultraman Max must be really popular!)

Ultraman Max!

I did watch some Ultraman series last time but, not Ultraman Max. I guess Ultraman had just defeated a big number of the most evil monsters and gained special powers thus, up-leveling himself to Ultraman Max. Hmm... Isn't it so?


lynnx01 said...

I don't need to try Korean food cos I wanna marry a Korean! Hahaha, lame! Crazy. whatever. Aiyo 2.13am.. Federer won, btw.

LingDi said...

Bluek! Marry a Korean? Gila.. But.. Not bad larr your idea.. Haha! Wonder got any Koreans studying in India? Hehe...

lynnx01 said...

Use your logic brain la.. what would a Korean do in India? Maybe mission works la.. hahahah!

LingDi said...

Ooo.. Good idea! Muahahah!

Esther's Blog said...

Ultraman has belly!! Hahaaaa...hmmm, was the Korean food good?? Im pretty sure I'll miss the Korean food i have here when I go back.. Lols :) N i'd be pretty happy if da food ther's good wahahaaa :P Expensive or not?

Esther's Blog said...

Hellooo!! Was the Korean food nice? I believe im soo gonna miss Korean food when I go back lo. So I'd be pretty hapy if da food there's good :P Expensive o not ah?