Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Confirmed!

I know I didn't really make an official post about the JPA scholarship that I applied for a few months ago. Yes, I got shortlisted for the interview which I thought was a great experience. And praise the Lord, I am awarded the scholarship to study dentistry. It was really a great news for my family and I. Really thank God for it. However, I still didn't get to know where I will be posted to for my dentistry course. I had to wait for about 2 weeks for the offer letter to come!

While the others had gotten theirs, I was waiting anxiously at home. I couldn't even bear the curiosity in me! So, I had ErJie to call the JPA for me and ask. And yes, they were quite open to tell and I will be posted to INDIA. She messaged me through MSN and I thought she was just kidding! But, it was really true. I'm going to INDIA. Honestly, I was very sad and I actually cried when I knew it because I really wanted to go to NZ or Australia or anywhere ErJie is going to but, INDIA. And I really wanted to go to the 4-seasoned countries. Was totally depressed!

But, I still got to face the fact. And yes, I did feel much better after chatting to ErJie. She told me about her friends studying there and they are all doing very good there. And the accommodations there are quite luxurious. Not bad at all studying in India. So, I was quite OK after talking to my sister. I guess I was the only one overreacting because even my mum and dad were OK with the results. One important thing that I realised was that this is what God has planned for me. This is where He wants me to go and hopefully through this, I will be closer to Him.

Btw, I will be doing my Cambridge A-Levels at KTT (Kolej Teknologi Timur) for 1.5years. But, I prefer to call it ETC. Sounds much better right? Haha... It's located at Sepang which is so far from the city! But, I don't mind. I am still going to find ways to get myself to ErJie's place every weekend. I am going there very soon. The place is quite... I don't know how to describe it but, I'll let you guys know when I'm there. I just really hope I'll get a good place and good, clean house mates. Please pray for me... Really hope everything will be fine there too.

And... I just went for my medical check-up today. Gosh... I came back with two weak arms! I had a blood test where the nurse had a hard time looking for my blood vessels and she almost had to do it for two times. Then, I had an injection to test for TB where the nurse drew a big circle around it and wrote some notes on my arm and warned me not to rub it off. Oh yeah! Not forgetting, I even had a vaccination yesterday which made my arm hurts. :( Well, I just got to get used to these things as I will have to go over the same process when I go to India.


Ouch! Ouch!

So, right now, I am still trying to analyse the forms I have to fill, get it done ASAP and get as much info as I can about ETC (KTT). Please do pray for me when I'm there. No matter what, I will stay strong and have faith in God. Don't worry! ^_^


lynnx01 said...

You know, Lynthia, I was so afraid that this would stumble your faith, as you had such strong faith that you could go to Aus/NZ. But I am so proud of you to say that it must be His plans. Amen!

LingDi said...

^_^ No matter what, I must thank God for what He had given me. Just like what Olivia told me, God will give us what He thinks is good for us. And this lil' India thing will definitely not stumble my faith! I will continue to have faith in Him!

S.Suraya said...

hey, dont feel bad. I know it's pretty sucky to get India as I get India too......and the ugly prep college...*hahaha*

But think on the bright side, at least we get sponsored by jpa to continue our studies.

India is not that bad. We can still hav fun there. During holidays, we can go to new delhi or nepal n such. And fyi, they do have 4 seasons. It's the matter of location only.

Though, what bothers me is entertainment. I'm afraid we have to learn Hindustan so that we can understand hindi movies..hehehehe.

Btw, we're in the same boat. I'm doing dentistry too. ;)

ღAmandaa said...

lynthia. ...

Mr. Yong Kow said...

Congratulation on you awarded by JPA in nursing. He provides & He is good all the time. God Bless.

LingDi said...

Hey. Nice to know that we're going to the same place. :) Yeah.. India is a nice place too. Can go Chennai too.. Haha.. Hope to meet you there at KTT.

Haha.. Why? Bu se de me huh? ^_^

Mr. Yong Kow,
Thank you. Yes.. Praise the Lord! Btw, I'm going for dentistry. :)

lynnx01 said...

Nursing????? haahahahhaha

Lynnwei said...

akekekeke...nursing? ahah

what vaccination did you get?

Pyroboy1911 said...

india huh...i know someone in india :P

Yup, dun worry. Just remember to visit mamak every night to get used to indian food..i personally like mutton curry ;)

But JPA stuff definitely wont suit me though..If you know me well enough, you will know i am not the type that liked to be tied to likes FREE!! :D

Pyroboy1911 said...

Btw, wat type of medical check ups require this things?

i remember wat i did was...urine sample, test height weight bla bla bla, x ray, doctor questions, done.

LingDi said...

I guess after this, you will know 2 ppl in India. Haha! That's one big problem..
I don't really eat Indian food. And I don't really eat curry except the one my mum cooks (less spicy).
Haha.. Yeah.. Can see that you are those ppl who are don't like to be tied.. Btw, I will be bonded 10 yrs!
Not sure what medical check up but that's what written on the JPA form there. Yeah.. Roughly the same as yours but, need to check for Aids/HIV, drugs too. -_-||

< u3! y!nG > said...

Yea, India is not that bad. It's good that you are ok with what they gave you.

Trust me, you will get used to the food. I used to not like pasta but now it's one of my fav food.

p/s I still don't like pizza though.

< u3! y!nG > said...

pyroboy: so i assume tat u did not apply for one even tho u can?

eliselise said...

hie! my friend's going to india too, for medicine. And she'll be going to ETC to do her A levels too. She's a really, really nice girl, just like you! haha.. Glad you still trust Him. God bless =)

LingDi said...

Uei Ying,
Yeah.. I guess I'll just try to get use to the food although I might need some time for that. :)

Hey! Really? What's her name? Maybe we could be roommates.. :) Tnx.. God bless too!

Dancing Queen said...

Congrats, Lingdi! Don't be disheartened. Guess who also went to India... so if you need any advice, you know where to ask. He also can't take spicy food much but hey, he survived! It's a whole new world over makes you appreciate the things in life in a different way. :)

LingDi said...

Dancing Queen,
Tnx.. India isn't that bad right? And yeah.. I'm gonna try to get used to the food there. Even my friend suggested me to go to his house for dinner so I can get used to Indian food! Haha..
I know there's a reason why I'm selected to go to India. It's part of God's big plan and no matter what, I will do my best there.